going to the store

2011-09-10 14:49:25 by 066pop

Watch this. Go "WTF?". Watch again.

Learning Pi

2011-03-30 14:18:23 by 066pop

I am trying to learn pi as far as I can. Eventually I hope to get to 100 places after the decimal.

So far I have: 3.1415926535

It's a new me?

2010-12-30 17:30:08 by 066pop

Well I decided to think about things a bit more, so it's a new me (I think).

Hi internet I'm back! :)

Im bored.

2010-01-18 12:22:20 by 066pop

Say hi.

It finally arrived today! I joined swagbucks recently (a search engine) because it did one of those points things. You sign up > Search > Gain Points > Then buy stuff with your points.

Everyone though it was one of those scammy things that wouldn't work... but IT DID! I highly encourage everyone else to sign up if they use Google or Ask Jeeves a lot (like me). Feel free to sign up under my referral too please :3 You start off with 3 swagbucks (That's enough of it's own to get some $$$ gift cards, or music or even some cool desktop backgrounds).

Anyone else know any ways to get free stuff/money off the web? Any good survey sites you know of? I feel like getting more stuff :D cos the internet RULES!


Proof (they do some trading cards and stuff so I tested it out on the cheaper stuff):

OMG The internet CAN get you FREE STUFF!